Hi I'm Tim Veletta,

I enjoy developing websites, games and cloud based applications.


I'm a full-stack software developer based in Perth, Australia with a firm interest in seeing ideas from conceptualisation through to delivery. I am passionate about user experience, simplicity and will happily mould my skillset to the task at hand.




game | in progress
WA Dash Plumbing and Gas

WA Dash Plumbing and Gas

website | client project | in progress
WSU VR Nursing Tour

WSU VR Nursing Tour

website | game | client project | complete

Recent Blog Posts

My first Kubernetes cluster with minikube

September 14, 2019
So I’m in the process of trying to learn more about Docker and Kubernetes since I feel like its something that would be useful in a professional setting. Usually when I work on side projects I’ll use serverless due to its ease of setup and use however in a professional setting…

Deploying a static site to AWS using GitHub Actions

August 31, 2019
I was fortunate enough to get a beta invite to Github Actions earlier this week so I figured I would try it out to deploy a static website to AWS as a way of comparing with other tools such as GitLab and AWS CodeBuild. My initial impressions of the platform was that it wasn’t as…

TeleBlast v0.15 Changes

May 16, 2019
This update marks the first major update during Early Access and has been designed to make the game look and feel better to play. I’ve included a lot of feedback from the playtest events that we have been a part of and rewritten a lot of the logic behind the game. General Added…