03/02 Friday Changelog

Friday Changelog is a way of updating you on my progress with my side projects throughout the week, no matter how little.

Progress was a bit limited this week since we got a new addition to the family which has been eating into my development time but he is pretty cute so it is alright.


For the week ending the 3rd of February 2017 I worked on:

  • This week I managed to get the whole flow from the user choosing a name to entering a lobby in which the master player (first player in the lobby) will generate a level which then gets sent to all the players. I successfully completed the communication and drawing of the level for each of the players.

  • What is remaining is the generation of spawn points for the players and then getting players to spawn with a bit of distance between them. The last thing I would like to have happen is 2 or more players spawning on top of each other.

  • This week I would actually like to spawn players in and have them move around to prove the communication happens in real time. I anticipate needing to do a lot of troubleshooting around this so I would like to get it in place as soon as possible.

Can’t wait too see what it looks like this time next week!