27/01 Friday Changelog

Friday Changelog is a way of updating you on my progress with my side projects throughout the week, no matter how little.

For the week ending the 27th of January 2017 I worked on:

  • This week was all about setting out a plan to get my game ready for initial playtesting and how the player will go from setting a name to playing and completing a game. I really only anticipate needing 3 scenes for my game, one that lets the player choose a name, one for the match lobby when they have been connected and one for actually playing the game. Initially the first 2 scenes don’t need to be particularly detailed and I can focus on functionality. The third I anticipate spending a lot of time on in the coming weeks.

  • The player networking is coming along, currently there is a place for the player to input their name which then connects them to the server and displays a list of the players currently in the same lobby. While the first player is waiting for others to join the lobby they are generating the level to play on which then gets sent to all the players when the lobby is full. The initial connection and sending of level data was a great achievement for me and I can’t wait to see the level actually get generated from this.

  • With all those thoughts of getting the game ready it would make sense for it to have a name and a player character. Below is my inital drawing of the latter of those two things and I’m quite happy with how it turned out and I definitely think it is usable for initial playtests but is something I would like to expand on a bit later. The name I am still working on. I have currently called the game ‘Project Osprey’ in part because I would like to include farming supply drops as a core strategy in the game and an Osprey is a type of helicopter commonly used for them in battle situations. My concern is that it doesn’t communicate the intention of the game clearly and for me, it doesn’t bring any sort of mystery with it. Will have to keep thinking about it and maybe it is something that comes out of inital playtesting.

Initial player drawing
  • On a totally unrelated note I saw this video of a Twitch streamer that has been streaming his games’ development and he finds out he has been Greenlit on Steam. Check out his reaction:

Can’t wait too see what it looks like this time next week!