20/01 Friday Changelog

Friday Changelog is a way of updating you on my progress with my side projects throughout the week, no matter how little.

For the week ending the 20th of January 2017 I worked on:

  • I had previously done some work on a top down shooter with local-multiplayer and I cloned the repository with the work I had done, turns out it wasn’t too bad and that there is a lot I can reuse. Both the games I want to make build off this base so I decided to fork the repository at this stage and start building on one of the ideas.
Base Top Down Shooter with Local Multiplayer
  • Started adding Photon networking to my Unity Game which I will probably create a detailed post about a bit later. Also worked on adding procedural level generation using a similar algorithm that Vlambeer used for their game Wasteland Kings which eventually became Nuclear Throne. I love the procedural generation of Nuclear Throne and its something I would really like to model my game on. I will probably make a post about it later detailing how I added it to my game. For now heres a gif of the level generation in action.
Random Dungeon Generation

Can’t wait too see what it looks like this time next week!